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-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A boy and his bike

Terran has always been great on his Strider bike. I figured this spring I would get him a pedal bike, but eventually changed my mind because he is such a daredevil that the safety of it and his perception of what was safe worried me. However, he went through a day stage where he really just wanted to ride his friend Bridger's bike all the time ñ and then he started asking for one with training wheels. Since I knew he would do great, we went and got him a bike the next day! 

As I was at the gym, Zach took a video of him riding...without training wheels! I figured with his Strider experience he would be totally fine without them, but I didn't expect them to come off on the first ride! I was so proud but sad I had missed it, so I hurried home to be a part of the excitement. By the time I got there, he had requested then back on. He figured the training wheels made him not fall when he slowed. As he used the training wheels the next day or two, I noticed they actually made him fall more! So, I explained this and convinced him to try again without them. The rest is history! He is a natural! He had to get the hang of stopping and starting, but it came within a day or so and he was literally riding off of curbs and trying to out-ride/out-run me on that thing! 

Part of my plan with getting him good on a bike was then he can ride while I jog with baby sister this fall. Looks like that plan may work out! 

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