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Friday, May 27, 2016

Hike to Donut Falls

We hiked up to Donut Falls today! I realized it was the first hike we have done as a family! I have always taken Terran when Zach is out of town or something! It was such a blast! We were worried about the weather but it was perfect the whole time. When picking between two trails on the way up, we picked the harder steeper, muddier one on accident but Terran loved it! Slipping up the mountain was an adventure! We stopped for a short food break where Terran got excited as I sat on the rock and declared "we are having a picnic!"

After our picnic as we continued up the mountain, we came across some friendly ground squirrels that intrigued the boys. They got awfully close and eventually they tossed a few carrots to the little buggers. Terran loved this! Zach did too for that matter! If they got too close Terran would turn and say they were going to bite him! I felt a little like in Jurassic Park where you think they are all sweet and innocent, but then more kept coming and making noises and I could almost picture us getting attacked! Even after we ran out of carrots, Terran would insist we give some to whatever squirrel crossed our path.

Once we got closer to the falls, there were rocks to climb over and Terran would get immense joy out of doing it himself and declaring himself a "big boy."

Because it was so early on in the season, we couldn't get all the way to the cave to see the actual donut holes. You have to get your feet wet and I figured it was too cold for Terran and I'm a little too pregnant to risk slipping.

I had to compliment Zach several times on his patience with Terran and overall helpfulness. He is the best little hiker man.

Zach told me he was glad I insisted on going, because even though it was hard getting out of the house and the drive is a little long, once we got there it was the best time!

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