"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, June 3, 2016


Friday, May 27th - regular contractions about 7 minutes apart for a couple hours.
Saturday - same thing. Started at 3 instead of 5 but only lasted a few hours. Feeling really tired and a little off.
Monday - 3 pm contractions for a few hours.
Tuesday - appointment. No change from the week prior!
Wed-Fri - random contractions, some nausea, food never really sounds good. Usually need an afternoon nap. Still being productive (mowing lawn, laundry, washing car, walk for exercise) and able to do activities with Terran (Farm country, swimming, swings, splash pad). Friday night contractions were coming again but stopped by morning. 
Saturday - contractions started at noon and didn't stop, but also didn't intensify much.  Felt them through the night. Felt a bit nauseated. Read my blog post from when Terran was born and realized I could have a few days in my current state. 
Due Date! - After continuing through the night, the contractions slowed after getting up and eventually stopped. Mom brought up how at my initial appointment the doc said the due date could be June 9th (I think based on size) but since it was within four days they keep it based on my last period. I had completely forgotten about that, and it put the timing in a whole new perspective.
Tuesday morning - midwife appointment. I hadn't decided if I would strip my membranes or not. While I was waiting for the midwife, I had a few contractions. She checked me and I hadn't progressed. I decided spur of the moment to have her sweep the membranes in the hopes baby girl would come before mom and dad had to leave the next day. As I left, contractions continued and didn't really stop. 
Took Terran to the grocery store and they continued. I felt out of sorts and distracted. We made it home and my mind seemed fuzzy, I think with the distraction of wondering what was coming! We hung out with Mom and Dad, then Zach got home. We watched some TV and while lying on the couch my contractions slowed. I was disappointed because I was pretty certain this was it! After a snack I decided to try to get some sleep just in case....I slept for a bit and then the party started.....

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