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-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, June 3, 2016

Terran Tidbits

Playing out in the hills while Dad was looking for brass, a bird's shadow flew over Terran's head. He spun around and said "ah! I thought that was a pteradactyl! That scared me!"

Terran runs into the bathroom saying "mom! I need dad's tools! He was playing with a toy that uses batteries. "The batteries are not working." I said I will help him when I was done and he said, "no, I will get a chair." Then proceeded to climb a chair to search for Zach's tools. His independence is impressive. At the same time his dependence is impressive. He just knows what he wants when he wants it and knows how to get it!

We were swinging outside and I told Terran I needed to go in to go to the bathroom. He often has to come with me or decides he has to go too. (That's why I told him, so he didn't freak when I went in). He kept swinging and said "then go, you silly bumpkin!" 

Terran had realized it is hilarious if he goes cross-eyed, so he does it often! 

We had another drastic haircut for the T-Dub. Since he can understand situations and reason with us,  I tried to let him decide when we would cut his beautiful long locks. He never really wanted to. In preparation for a newborn though, I decided it was in our best interest. Zach was not happy. He loves Terran's long blond hair. Terran wasn't happy to get it done, but did smile after and say "I got a haircut! Ha!" I tried to make it exciting by saying it was spiky and looked like Dad's. That worked for part of the day. Later, he was playing and looked at me and said he wanted his hair to be like mine. That night, he went to twist his hair into a knot, a habit he has been doing a lot, especially when tired. Since it was chopped off, he ended up rubbing the buzz a little.

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