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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The first few weeks with Kenna

Where to start? The sweetness of our baby? The gentle love of her brother? There is the familiar haze of sleep deprivation. Zach has the most tender expressions when he holds Kenna. Terran has found an independence where he tells me he is going to a friend's house and proceeds to leave. He also struggled the first few days and threw a few long winded tantrums that I believe were tied to his new situation and lack of undivided attention.
The first few days I spent a lot of time holding my baby and staring at her. I had a few hormonal/emotional moments. My sadness was often triggered by a: imagining the innocent babies who aren't taken care of well (same thoughts as with Terran) and b: worry over Terran's well being.
Since those first few days I have taken a lot more time to give Terran attention and several times a day I reaffirm my love for him. Mornings seem those go really well with me usually having Kenna fed by the time Terran wakes up and I can spend breakfast and play time with him while she sleeps or is content.
We have ended up doing a lot more activities than I expected or am completely comfortable with because she is still so young, but I do my best to keep her away from people and then Terran still has normal days and we aren't going too stir crazy in the house.
Kenna is a sweetheart. The first two weeks she would wake to eat and go back to sleep. Now she has a lot longer wake times in the morning and evening, but sleeps a big chunk in the day. At night, she typically wakes every 2-3 hours to eat, but goes back to sleep after a diaper change. She is a pretty good breastfeeder, but we are having the same issues I had with Terran, with fast letdown and lots of air-gulping that leads to painful bubbles in the belly and gas. That pain and being hungry are pretty much the only times she is not content. She grins in her sleep often and sometimes when she is awake. I love it and am so excited to make her smile.
She never really fit into newborn clothes and her 3 month stuff is getting tight. She has been gaining weight like a champ and the little pudge is adorable. There have been a few days where I can tell she is bigger than the day before, or her face looks a little different.
The newborn changes are so fast that I have spent a lot of time just taking in her beautiful face and how little she is. I remember things with Terran at this age and try to commit everything with her at this age because I feel like I forget unless I'm going through it again, and who knows how many times I will get to go through it?

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  1. Thanks for the updates Brandi, love the pictures and cute comments. Miss you all so much. Love you lots!