"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 8, 2016

Anniversary #7

Our anniversary this year was a notable one...Zach called me from work one day and said he had an idea for how to celebrate!!! First time in seven years. I almost cried. He said we could get dinner and go to the drive in and the best part was that we could even bring the kids (we are still both a little wary of using sitters and won't leave Kenna yet anyway). It was so perfect and thoughtful of him!

It didn't turn out as perfect as it sounded, but it was still awesome. Zach was a tad stressed on the way over, but we got dinner and Terran loved the first movie. Zach didn't. Kenna didn't stay asleep in the bed we brought for her so I ended up holding her the whole time and it was a little tiring. The car next to us had super loud, crappy speakers. I did get Terran to sleep in between movies and wishfully thought it would be nice to snuggle with Zach at that point but there wasn't quite room and I still was holding Kenna. Haha We both got tired and he was annoyed at the second movie so we bailed a tad early. Not quite as romantic as some, but the thought was there and I have repeatedly told Zach that is what matters most to me! I'm just glad he even thought about it this year!

Though it wasn't extremely romantic, this was a great one to remember how life was with littles!

And we didn't even take a picture together! 

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