"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall time

Fall is such a great time with kids. I daresay my favorite at this point. Summer was a little stressful always worrying about sunburn and car seats getting too hot. Fall has cooled down enough but is still pleasant enough to play outside. The anticipation of the holidays is so much fun.

We made sure to attend a few fall festivities. The scarecrow festival at Thanksgiving Point was so fun. Terran ran from scarecrow to scarecrow. the we crested a hill where there were food trucks and bounce house and he yelled "Whaaaaat in the heckers?!" and raced toward them. We played in the nice weather and bought some cotton candy. Sis hung with me the whole time and we just enjoyed the ambiance. 

While the guys were away working, we went with the Sullivan's to a pumpkin patch and farm in Ogden, where the biggest hit was the giant slide. Terran got into crazy tricks on it and Sis and I even went down a few times! We then went to a trunk or treat/carnival at Hill Air Force base. Terran loved the scary trunks and the man walking around in a gorilla suit!

The fall weather was so nice this year that I made sure we went out in it as much as possible. In addition to playing on the swing set and riding bikes everyday, we also hit up the mountains to see the leaves.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls after Kenna's physical therapy one day. It looked like it would rain but I really wanted to go since we were down that way. It was so quiet it was eerie, and Terran kept asking if there were werewolves in the mountains, which creeped me out, but the silence with my two babes and spending half an hour throwing leaves in the river and running with them until they disappeared was a beautiful memory made with my little loves. We had so much fun we went back with Dad a few weeks later.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

4 months

Kenna Rose is already four months old. She has extra smiles for her daddy (and he does for her too!). She can roll from her back to her side. She is almost sitting but will gradually fall forward so it isn't safe to leave her yet. She is in 12 month clothes! She was 99% in all size categories. She is a little tongue tied and lip tied, but since she is eating fine (though she sometimes refuses she is still getting enough!) The doctor suggested waiting to do anything about it until she is 2 or 3 and the dentist can fix it with a laser. I'm hoping it won't even need it as she grows because the thought of cutting in her mouth is just so sad.
Kenna loves playing with her brother. He gives her horsey rides and shoulder rides (with my help of course) and she will grasp at his face and suck on his cheek. He is so gentle and loving with her and eats up her attention.
We are having some of the same sleep issues that drove me bonkers with Terran. Loves to nurse to sleep, multiple night awakenings, short naps. It is so frustrating and I feel like it is my fault since they both are doing the same thing. I'm working on a game plan to prevent the nursing to sleep...but man, it is so much easier in the short run!
Kenna learned an angry scream sometime in the last few weeks. Now she definitely knows how to let you know when she isn't happy. I don't remember Terran having anything that piercing! Aside from when she uses that new talent, she is typically calm and sweet, maybe a little squirmy because she likes to see what's going on.
She wraps her little arms around my neck...I wonder if it is on purpose or not but it happens often so I assume she likes it like I do! She rubs her eyes like crazy when she is sleepy and it actually keeps her awake. She is really oral and is almost always happy to suck on something, though she never took a binky and will only suck about one ounce from a bottle.

My baby girl is getting big so fast and I just love her so.

Life with my two littles

My days are so full that I often think of loved ones and realize that so much time has passed since I have been able to talk to them. I wake before I am ready and almost never stop before night. Several times I have noticed my days are spent doing one thing right after the other without time between. My main complaint with this lifestyle is though it is spent all on my beautiful family, it's not all spent 100% at their attention. It simply isn't possible to give Terran 100% of my attention nor give Kenna 100% of my attention. I want to give them both all of my minutes but like I said, it's impossible. I'm working really hard on making the most of my time with each of them. I conciously put my phone away to enjoy the moment completely. I hold Kenna a moment longer because I know this stage of life will pass all too quickly. I stroke Terran's hair and hold his hand. When he cries and asks me to hold him, I try to drop whatever I am doing to do just that. As it is, he is so big I don't know how much longer those requests will last.
I'm constantly exhausted, but constantly reminded that these sweet little kids of mine are growing every single day and one day they will no longer need me so I'm trying to give them the best of me while they need it. My patience can get short when there seems to be too many needs that I can't meet them all, but I try to quickly check whatever attitude arises and remember to treat my little babes with love, because that is what matters most.