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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, November 7, 2016

5 months

The love we all have for Kenna is immeasurable! Though she is "chill," she loves to play. She always has big smiles for Daddy, laughs like crazy at Terran's antics, and knows how to snuggle Mom just right.

She loves food, and even though I didn't plan to try real food until 6 months, she had different plans. While eating sweet potatoes, she grabbed my hand to put them in her mouth. So, I let her try them. Since, she has tried waffles, bread, peas, cooked carrots, black and pinto beans, tomatoes, cheerios, and sucked on apples. So far, she has liked everything and grabs at it quickly and shoves it in her mouth! I sure hope her palate stays this versatile!

Kenna loves being tossed in the air and tickled. Her excitedly shy smiles make everyone who receives one happy. She can sit up quite well and is anxious to walk. She doesn't much like lying on her stomach so even though she moves her feet out of frustration, crawling doesn't seem to interest her much. 

My baby girl will not eat if distracted at all. She mostly likes to eat during the night and doesn't eat for comfort or even hunger during the day. I have to time it right so there aren't other noises and she can stay focused enough to get through the letdown. I make sure she gets enough though and her chunk would confirm.

We just love our "Baby Sis!"

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