"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, November 7, 2016


Holidays really are so magical with little kids. For Halloween, we had a little party with Terran's neighbor friends where they made ghosts and Frankensteins and frosted cupcakes. 

We went with the Sullivans to the trunk or treat at Hill AFB and the carnival after. Terrans favorite part was watching the realistic gorilla man walk around. It was quite busy but some trunks were really decorated awesome and Terran seemed to really enjoy it. Kenna was as chill as ever and just hung out. We stayed 15 minutes too long though, and both kids had meltdowns on the hour and a half drive home. I stopped to grab some food and try to help them, but while waiting for food, Terran had an accidental in his pants and then once at the car, Kenna did! I changed her and put them in PJs and got on the road, then endured crying from both of them for 35 minutes. Kinda crazy.

We also rode the pumpkin train! It was a slow train in Heber, and though it was decorated quite as I expected, Terran loved hanging out the window and Kenna seemed to like the festive atmosphere. Terran especially enjoyed the haunted train car when we got back to the station. He went through to it six or seven times!

We had a ward soup party with door to door trick or treating at the stake center. It was very fun with different stations of games as well. Terran and three other 3/4 year olds did a lot of it together. 

Halloween night came and we did soup and bread bowls with the Freeman's. After that, we did our neighborhood trick or treating. We got out a little late and the neighborhood was pretty quiet, compared to last year. Terran was tired pretty quick, so we just hit a few houses and headed home. 

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