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Monday, November 7, 2016

Terran's hospital trip

Terran had four cavities at one of our dentist checkups! I was so frustrated because I am really good about brushing his teeth, but it turns out when I quit flossing because he teeth were so gapped, the molars grew together without me realizing so the spot where they touch put a cavity on each tooth! We tried oral sedation, which is a story in and of itself, where Terran threw a huge fit, I wasn't prepped correctly from our dentist office, and he ended up spitting the sedation all over me and in his own face, getting a huge amount in his eyes! Since that didn't work, we went through the nightmare of determining how to proceed, with effectiveness and insurance. I was extremely disappointed in our dentist office with their organization and communication about the whole thing, but his tooth was starting to bother him and I didn't want to start over so we stuck with them. We had to go to Primary Children's hospital where they used anesthesia. I tried to keep him to be open to it, but once we pulled in the parking lot, he was not interested. There was a lot of waiting involved, and checks that he would endure only if screaming and protesting loudly. I don't think I realized they would take him away completely, so that was hard for me. They used a nasal medicine that helped him be calm, I helped him put on his hospital PJs and they took him away to the operating room. I had a bit of anxiety and unrest, but prayed for the best! They let me come back as he was waking up, and that was terrible. He still had an IV and wanted it out, his nose was bleeding, and he would not stop crying. He got a slushie and a new stuffed dog, and finally a male nurse tgst he would tolerate. He tends to like male figures in settings where adults have to talk to him. I think they are a little more easy going or something but he seems to open up faster to them. Anyway, he ended up needing need treatment and a silver cap, on top of cavities filled and sealants put on. 

Since then, I have found a different pediatric dentist that I think will be overall better and we brush every night, even if he screams and cries because that was such an ordeal, for me and him, and I never want to repeat it.

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