"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Texas trip

Flight there: The kids did great, even with the additional 40 minutes on the plane for de-icing. With about an hour to go they both got antsy, but we were able to entertain them. The rental car took forever to get, but Terran shared his Transformers with another kid who was waiting and Kenna slept on me.

Christmas dinner: We got to Brad's and it was so exciting seeing everyone. Mom made sure our Christmas dinner was warm and served within minutes of getting there and it was so good after all the travel! The company and festive air was fun! Right when we got there, Terran left us by the car and found his cousins. They played and played.

Legoland: For an activity, we went to Legoland. The kids had a lot of fun and it gave us a lot of time to chat about life with the other adults. I'd had the idea that we would try to do some of the touristy things around, but it really turned out that we visited a lot and that is more fun anyway!

Jason's baptism: Fun for everyone to get together. It was cool to be there and watch Jason prep for the big day. After he was baptized and they were getting out, Terran yelled "I want to swim!" Go figure.

Sickness with Linds: We only stayed at Brad's a few nights, then headed to Lindsey's. Brooklyn and Terran both came down with a strange fever and lethargy, and my whole family had congestion and colds, so we hunkered down and going out at the apartment. It really wasn't all bad though because we got to chat, the men ran to the store a few times and the Guntry Club for some bonding, and each day we got to walk or play by the river. Terran really liked playing with Brooklyn and was sad when she would nap. He even didn't want to go home because he wanted to stay with Lindsey and Brooklyn!

Park: We all got together at the park for the last time and got another hour of quality hang time. I live my siblings and their company and really love that the cousins love each other. Something I didn't realize would happen living so far apart....

New year's Eve: basically didn't even acknowledge it! Between sick kids and being tired, I think we were all in bed by 10, maybe earlier!
Flight home: our connection in Denver was delayed and delayed and delayed, but our kids did awesome and eventually feel asleep before we boarded and stayed asleep the whole time. The worst was when we went out to get in the car and had to stand in the freezing cold when Terran was half asleep because he starts yelling and gets uncontrollable in those types of situations.

We already miss our family it there but are so glad for the time we got to spend with them!

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