"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 26, 2017

St. Patty's Day

I was really excited about St. Patty's Day this year. One night for our bedtime story, I pulled up a YouTube video of a lady reading a leprechaun book. I'd been wanting to get some from the library but hadn't yet and that popped into my head. Terran was surprisingly into it. It explained how leprechauns can't help but get into mischief, even on the way to put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It was cute and set a base for us to talk about leprechauns for a few weeks. We were at my parents' visiting Lindsey, so I told Terran I thought the leprechauns would find us there. And they did! They tissue papered the hallways so Terran had to break through on his way out. They peed green in the toilet and left little footprints. Zach and Terran built a leprechaun trap the night before to try and catch him, but he used his magic to get out of the trap. He left treats behind for Terran though. His little footprints escaped through the kitty door. Terran followed them all the way and tried to find out where the leprechaun disappeared to. He was excited and explained what happened to me over and over!
This might be one of my new favorite holidays!

Monday, March 13, 2017


We followed Daddy down to Moab for his work to. He had just gotten back from two months in Missouri and we all didn't want to be apart again.

I showed Terran the hotel pool online before we left, and that was all he could think about. Upon arriving, he took Zach the straight away and they played for more than an hour. Zach said it was special hanging out with him when he was so happy and having so much fun. Terran asked to go multiple times each day, even though it was still a little cold. He was so excited we let him get in the hot tub! He also tried out new water tricks of going under with his mouth and nose covered and giving me a thumbs up. Looks like summer time should be a blast!

We went to Arches National Park one morning. Kenna was sleeping and Terran was begging to go back to the hotel and swim, but I convinced him to enjoy the park with me by letting him ride in the front seat and sharing my box of Bottlecaps. We stopped at a few cool landmarks, then got to where we could hike to some arches. We were the some of the first ones there, the sun came up while we were exploring, and it was a perfect morning. We enjoyed seeing rabbits and birds, and Kenna liked crawling around and trying to eat rocks. Terran tired out about 400 yards from our last arch, so stopped in the middle of the trail for an impromptu picnic. He didn't want to walk (his legs hurt, which is what he said all the time when he doesn't want to do something!) And Kenna no longer wanted to ride in the carrier, so Terran ride in the carrier in my back while helping with the backpack, and I held Kenna up front. It was hard!! We got a lot of comments on the way back about how I had a heavy load. There were two different guys who offered to help me, but I declined knowing full well my kids wouldn't let anyone else carry them! There were some truly beautiful scenes and I was so glad I made the effort to go.

One night we had a grocery store dinner in our hotel room, where we shared a rotisserie chicken with sides and berries and salad. Zach said I went full savage on him by eating with my fingers, but I was starving and the kids weren't going to wait or use a fork anyway!

The next day we went to a dinosaur place called Moab Giants. They had a playground and a dinosaur trail with life size replicas of probably a hundred dinos. They had signs telling of the subsidies so everyone I would check and Terran would guess if they were herbivores or carnivores. Then he would say whether or not they eat people. He lived digging in the sand looking for bones, as did Kenna. She was filthy but liked letting the sand fall through her fingers.

We were so happy to get to see Dad in the evenings, and he was so glad we came. He had missed his little kids so much while he was away, so it was extra fun watching him play with them!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Terran Tidbits

Terran helped me set out water for one of my long runs. At the second drop he asked "are you really going to run this far?" I replied yes. He said "I don't think that you are."

Me: "Why do I love my kids so much?"
Terran: "Me and Sister? Well, Sister likes you and I like you."
Me: "Why?"
Terran: "Because you have cool dance moves."

Twice today Terran has yelled at me saying, "Fix your attitude!"