"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ogden half marathon

Long story about the Ogden marathon...I've wanted to do it for a long time so I decided to sign up just for a fun and refresher race to remind my body what a marathon feels like to prep for Big Cottonwood where I am trying to qualify for Boston this year. I've always heard it was pretty and was really excited to race it. My left hamstring started giving me trouble in February, and working with a PT to fix that and a cuboid syndrome on my left foot, I trained through the injuries. Zach was gone 3 out of the 4 months and I was proud after each long run. However, my hamstring wasn't getting better and since the big goal was this fall, I decided after my last 20 miler (hurt at 8 miles, decided to stop at 11, walked until 15.6) that I was going to run the half. After a lot of back and forth, deciding not to run at all, then deciding to still run the half, I ended up heading to Ogden by myself. We had a non-refundable hotel room and Zach supported me in thinking a night away would be nice. Although surrounded with stress over Kenna handling it well and stress over my hamstring, it was a wonderful getaway where I could just worry about myself for once.
Brock Johnson found me in the bus lines so we rode up together and hung out until the start. My plan was to run conservatively and enjoy the scenery, planning to walk as soon as my hamstring hurt. By mile 7 I decided to start alternating walking with jogging. I'm glad the course was so amazing because it is hard to slow down in a race. I took a few selfies and video called Zach and the kids to show them the race and waterfall to force myself to continue ur to be smart. I was able to run into the finish with a girl completing her first half when she ran up by me and said she wanted to stick with me to the finish. I finished in 2:11, my official slowest half, but I enjoyed the whole race. It's easily my favorite half. Brock cheered me in at the finish and we hung around to see our friends doing the full coming in. I was able to cheer Shannon on as she reached the BQ we both set our sights on this year. I loved my time to do something I love and although I was sad my full training didn't come to a full marathon finish, I know I made the better decision and have wonderful memories to go with it.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

11 months

Little Miss has started complaining loudly when Terran stops her, or takes her toys. She recently started saying DaDaaa and is so loud about it sometimes. She definitely communicates with us, just with noises instead of words. She understands words as well. She has started getting attached to stuffed animals and looks for them when we go to her room for nap. She still eats really well and I enjoy that blessing every day. However, she has developed tastes and also learned how to spit things out. So even if I get it in, she can just slip it right back out. It's usually less about flavor and more about mood.
When Mommy is around, she is a hard core nurser, but recently did ok overnight with just Zach and pumped bottles.
Her little personality is shining through strong these days. She is very happy and playful, and loves mischievous chase games. Ex: trying to get to the edge of the bed before we stop her, or the treadmill, or playing on the playset.
She started walking about a week after turning 11 months and gets better every day.